Top talents construction solutions sterling reputation is founded on our exceptional ability to provide specialised labour hire. Our specialised recruitment methods allow us to provide quality labour to the businesses that we serve with unparalleled speed.
Our workforce is diverse and experienced; thus our workers are able to interact with all staff member in ways that benefit the company that they are working at. In conjunction with this the experience that our workers have in their areas of construction, means that they are able to start immediately on their jobs with little to no instruction, meaning that they contribute to project being complete on time.

All our workers as CSCS registered therefore they are aware of health and safety practices lowering any chance of work place accidents.
The workers that are recruited by our company are all vetted, using these three methods to ensure that the workers that we provide to our client, are all exceptional in the roles they are hired to fulfil.


Initial telephone interview

We conduct an in-depth 15 to 30 minute initial telephone interview with, every worker before recruiting them and entering their information into our data base. This allows our recruiters to get to know the workers personality and asses their character.

Obtaining Professional references

We obtain professional references for all the workers that we have included in our data base. we contact the businesses that the workers have worked for previously to verify their experience, qualification and to examine their professional history. This allows us to provide the companies we service with the best workers.

A face to face interview

We conduct face to face interviews with all workers in our database. This allows our recruiters to asses our entire workforce in person before approving their inclusion in to our company data base. Thus, we are able to ensure the quality of our workforce.