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Top talent construction solutions Limited

We are specialists in the construction labour hire market in the United
Kingdom working specifically in the Construction Industry in London.

Top talent construction solutions offers both Permanent and Temporary solutions to our clients labour needs, as we specialise in providing both temporary and permanent workers quickly via our extensive database in order to fulfil our clients’ needs.

Top talent construction solutions works with a range of clients spanning the construction industry from local authorities to building companies.


Operating hours

Working Hours: Mon-Fri (9am-5pm)

Top talent construction solutions has an extensive data base, which is made up of exceptionally talented and reliable people. Our database has been acquired through our specialised advertising methods and through our industry contacts. Top talent construction solutions has been designed to provide an exceptional permanent recruitment services. Our experienced recruitment specialist allows us to ensure that the candidates, we provide to our clients fit in to our client corporate culture and provide significant value to our client’s businesses permanently.

Top talent construction solutions specialises in providing temporary workers in the construction industry, where the need for temporary employees is exceptional. Thus we excel in providing a professional high calibre workforce to our client, at an unparalleled speed that is often a need for many of our clients. Top talent construction solutions temporary recruitment service is made up of pre-screened, vetted and reliable construction workers.


“Great company, they are very easy to deal with and their workers are polite hardworking and punctual.”

Chase Charlson

“I can’t believe how quick they were able to provide us with all the workers we needed. I will defiantly use them again.”

Carley Kohen

“Great value for money, their workers did everything they were meant to do and we finished the project on time.”

Corey Smith

Top talents construction solutions sterling reputation is founded on our exceptional ability to provide specialised labour hire. Our specialised recruitment methods allow us to provide quality labour to the business we serve with unparalleled speed.

Initial telephone interview

We have conducted an in-depth 15 to 30 minute initial telephone interview with, every worker before recruiting them and entering their information into our data base. This allows our recruiters to get to know the workers personality and asses their character.

Obtaining professional references

We obtain professional references for all the workers that we have included in our data base. we contact the businesses that the workers have worked for previously to verify their experience, qualification and to examine their professional history. This allows us to provide the companies we service with the best workers.

A face to face interview

We conduct face to face interviews with all workers in our database. This allows our recruiters to asses our entire workforce in person before approving their inclusion in to our company data base. Thus, we are able to ensure the quality of our workforce.

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Working Hours

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